Local Poverty and an excellent Rural GP run

I’ve recently come back from a two week rural GP run up in Whangarei, and it’s definitely been the highlight of my medical student career so far. From experiencing the local poverty that exists here in New Zealand, to seeing talented, empathetic doctors helping these communities, it had everything that I could have hoped for in … Read moreLocal Poverty and an excellent Rural GP run

Enjoying Fulfilling Work

I’ve recently noticed that more and more often, I’m having to apologise for missing so many social events with friends, whether it be birthdays, beach/park days or simple catch-ups – and every time it’s a difficult decision to make. While I struggle to do this because of the risk of disappointing my friends, it’s a decision that’s taken … Read moreEnjoying Fulfilling Work

Clarifying my blog’s purpose for the New Year

After having sadly missed posting on this blog for some time, I thought I’d kick off 2015 by clarifying my intentions, motives and aspirations for this blog as a follow up to my initial introductory post, to make sure any readers and myself maximally benefit from it! My foremost intention for this blog is a place to share … Read moreClarifying my blog’s purpose for the New Year

The Model of Experiential Learning

The experiential model of learning has by far had the biggest impact on my understanding of education, and it forms the cornerstone of what defines true learning. I believe this model needs to be taught to everyone early on in school, and that learning how to learn deserves so much more focus than it currently gets. Let me first … Read moreThe Model of Experiential Learning

The Deadly Facebook/Media “Break”

While this post today is primarily directed at my own study habits which have noticeably deteriorated while at home, it reflects an increasingly prevalent issue in today’s society with everything on the internet being so readily available. The issue is more specifically about using study breaks to consume media on Facebook or other sites, rather than … Read moreThe Deadly Facebook/Media “Break”

Our Fear of Failure

Although the fear of failure is often romanticised or quoted by famous stars, it can still be a confusing topic that’s difficult to apply to our lives. The impact it has on our mindset is absolutely crucial though, and so it’s a topic which I’d like to explore further in this post. I’ve always had quite a high risk appetite … Read moreOur Fear of Failure

The Power of a Positive Mindset

MindsetTo continue on from the counterintuitive benefits of studying less, I thought I should address a topic equally as important in the way we study – our mindset.

But before I do, I’d like to explain why I’m focussing on “soft” topics rather than the clear, hard facts. The highly agreed facts are already well documented all over the internet and are the simple keys to a solid study technique which I thoroughly endorse – I’m choosing however to build on top of these resources rather than re-invent the wheel, which gives me the chance to discuss some exciting and often controversial research in the science of learning. So let’s carry on!

While studying an education paper this year in medicine, I came across this table in the research which demonstrated the different approaches students may have while studying their subjects, whether positive (approach-oriented) or negative (avoidance-oriented); learning focussed (mastery goals) or achievement focussed (performance goals).

Mastery Vs Performance Goals

Read moreThe Power of a Positive Mindset