Thoughts on the UK’s move to create a sugar tax

I was stoked to see news of the UK Introducing a sugar tax on soft drinks today, a move which makes complete sense in terms of taxing substances that result in extra costs on the healthcare system just like Alcohol and Tobacco. It would be great if NZ were to follow through, although I wouldn’t … Read moreThoughts on the UK’s move to create a sugar tax

Local Poverty and an excellent Rural GP run

I’ve recently come back from a two week rural GP run up in Whangarei, and it’s definitely been the highlight of my medical student career so far. From experiencing the local poverty that exists here in New Zealand, to seeing talented, empathetic doctors helping these communities, it had everything that I could have hoped for in … Read moreLocal Poverty and an excellent Rural GP run

Enjoying Fulfilling Work

I’ve recently noticed that more and more often, I’m having to apologise for missing so many social events with friends, whether it be birthdays, beach/park days or simple catch-ups – and every time it’s a difficult decision to make. While I struggle to do this because of the risk of disappointing my friends, it’s a decision that’s taken … Read moreEnjoying Fulfilling Work