Why I created this blog

Hey World, and welcome to my new blog!

As an eager risk-taker and a fan of reflective writing, I realised that a blog would be a great way to personally combine the two – by opening up my reflections for the world to read; whether to appreciate, agree, disagree, mock, or most likely to just ignore haha.

And I gotta say, it’s surprisingly scary stuff. I’ve admittedly spent far too long to write up this simple post just because of fear. But after all, that’s the whole point of this, to acknowledge that fear and keep writing anyway!

Wise words from the great Mandela
Words of wisdom from the great Nelson Mandela

I’ll mainly be writing about learning, public health and business (especially the social side of it), topics which really excite me; as well as the random odd post from time to time.

Having been inspired by a few friends of mine, I see blogging as a great medium to discuss things with a bit more depth than one can do on Facebook – a platform which I see as useful for short, entertaining posts. I’d definitely encourage everyone to consider starting a blog for all its benefits as a way to reflect while connecting with others, It’d also be great to get some discussion going between blogs!

You may also be wondering why I chose to get my own domain just for this blog haha – after all I don’t intend on this going as viral as my app with its incredible 50+ downloads 😉 Personally though, I thought the $20 it costs to buy a domain would be a helpful motivation for me to keep posting and not ditch this in two weeks time – only time will prove whether this works or not, but I’m quite confident for now that I’ll be able to maintain it!

So finally, thanks to anyone who read this far in my blog post, I genuinely appreciate it! If you’re interested in reading more you might like to subscribe or read more about me. In any case, I’d really appreciate any of your feedback through the comments as I start this up – whether you think it’s a good idea or a ridiculously stupid one, I’m keen to know!

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