Tasting Poverty – Eating on a Budget of $3.30/Day for 200 Days

Stuff.co.nz piece published here. Daily Mail Australia piece republished here. Sometimes it feels that us kiwis are split into two about the state of our country; one side shouting “Those lazy bludgers just keep drinking and smoking, they’re draining our economy”. Meanwhile, the other side shouts about the alarming state of inequality in New Zealand, … Read more

Reading nutritious information

I’ve always been an avid reader despite usually denying it; I found it too shameful to admit it back in High School because of a school culture that despised intellectual curiosity and preferred sportspeople or comedians instead. Thankfully I’m now proud of reading huge amounts in articles and books daily, a trait I view as being the most important investment in myself that … Read more

Facebook and the Future

I recently read an interesting article sharing insight on Facebook’s future chatbot plans. This chatbot and live chat which Facebook is working on has huge implications for the future, and savvy business-people with foresight will already be planning ahead for this development and how they can use it. Basically, it allows small businesses who usually wouldn’t be … Read more